Patricia's Healthy Mouth Story

The TAG Oral Care Center for Excellence (OCC) is a first-of-its-kind facility in Chicago where thousands of underserved patients are treated every year in Illinois. Not only that, but the OCC offers unique hands-on implant training to qualified Aspen Dental doctors. 

Recently, patient Patricia Galarza came to the OCC with a more complex case than most. She was missing a total of nine teeth towards the back of her mouth which was impacting daily life including eating, talking, the way she smiled and overall quality of life. This brought on major concern for Patricia because it was affecting her overall lifestyle. Patricia noted that without the OCC, she would not have been able to receive this level of care at such a high quality. She also mentioned that the OCC staff have become like a second family for her. She's been so overwhelmed with the results and the amount of support she's received from the team that she has extended referrals to countless people so that they too can receive the access to quality dental care they need. 

Watch Patricia's Healthy Mouth Story