Aspen Dental’s Dr. Whitney Deitz and Julie Bostwick Receive 2024 Denobi Award

Practice Owner Dr. Whitney Deitz and Lab Tech Julie Bostwick have recently been honored at the 4th annual Denobi Awards Gala for their exceptional contributions to dental care and patient advocacy. This team recognition highlights their dedication to excellence and their commitment to transforming smiles and lives within their communities.

With over 200 nominations this year, the Denobi Awards Selection Committee first selected 75 dental professionals for the semi-finalist shortlist, which was then narrowed down to 12 finalists who were awarded at the Gala. The Denobi Award is bestowed upon individuals who exhibit outstanding leadership, innovation, and compassion in the field of dentistry. Dr. Whitney Deitz and Julie Bostwick exemplify these qualities through their unwavering dedication to patient care and their efforts to promote oral health awareness.

Dr. Whitney Deitz, who owns an Aspen Dental practice in Owensboro, Kentucky, and is a partner in the Hopkinsville and Paducah, Kentucky Aspen Dental offices, is renowned for her expertise in providing comprehensive dental care with a personalized touch. Her passion for dentistry and commitment to patient satisfaction have earned her the trust and admiration of her patients. Dr. Deitz's clinical excellence and compassionate approach has made a significant impact on the lives of those she serves, helping them achieve healthier smiles and enhanced confidence. Julie Bostwick has dedicated 24 years of her life to the dental laboratory field, and working on Weston’s smile has been one of the most rewarding experiences of her career. Moreover, Dr. Deitz and Julie are responsible for setting the worldwide record, delivering the youngest set of dentures for then three-year-old Weston Emmick.

“Being bold and challenging ourselves to find better solutions for our patient is what enabled us to power through such a unique case, but the challenge was worth it once we saw the smile back on Weston’s face,” shares Dr. Deitz.

Dr. Deitz and Julie are great examples of how Aspen Dental’s mission of breaking down barriers to care comes to life . Congratulations to Dr. Whitney Deitz and Julie Bostwick for the much-deserved recognition for the work they do and care they deliver.