Aspen Dental’s Dr. Sundeep Rawal Served as Keynote Speaker for the University of Florida's College of Dentistry White Coat Ceremony
Dr. Sundeep Rawal, SVP of Implant Support Services at Aspen Dental speaks at the University of Florida's College of Dentistry White Coat Ceremony

Sundeep Rawal, DMD, senior vice president of implant support services, Aspen Dental, was this year’s keynote speaker at the White Coat Ceremony for the University of Florida College of Dentistry, his alma mater. Dr. Rawal graduated from the University of Florida in 2006, and was recently named to the university’s 40 under 40 list.

In his speech, Dr. Rawal reflected on his personal journey in the dental field as well as his underlying secret to success. “When I reflect on what has allowed me to achieve all of this, that singular thought that comes to mind is that the root of all my success was an overarching focus on the patients I served,” Dr. Rawal said.

By focusing on being the best possible clinician every day, Dr. Rawal was able to change patients’ lives, rebuild their smiles, and achieve success he never would have thought possible. Dr. Rawal also reiterated the importance of the white coat, which symbolizes the embodiment of knowledge, compassion, and dedication to the dental field.

“A healthy smile can restore confidence, improve overall well being, and be truly life changing for people who have long forgotten the joy of their own smiles,” said Dr. Rawal. “Every time you don your white coat, remember this.”

Dr. Rawal also discussed the challenges new dentists will face as they build their careers. The road to success is not without its obstacles, but determination and passion for dentistry can help dental professionals overcome those setbacks.

Dr. Rawal closed his speech with the advice to never stop learning. With the rapid advancements happening every day, staying current with new technologies and techniques is necessary to providing best-in-class patient care, which is the ultimate goal of dentistry.

Aspen Dental thanks Dr. Rawal for his inspiring words and congratulates the University of Florida College of Dentistry Class of 2025!