Hygiene Spotlight: Maureen Howes, RDH, MS, and Vice President of Hygiene Support

Hygiene leader sites support, teamwork and training as advantages of joining a DSO


Maureen Howes

Maureen Howes knows a thing or two about supporting effective hygiene practices and fostering a strong team. In fact, she’s responsible for the training and development of over 1,100 clinical dental hygienists, and for mentoring 40 hygiene directors and managers at Aspen Dental practices across the nation. If you’re wondering if dental hygiene is a good career path, and where dental hygienists are needed, Maureen’s the one to ask.

Bringing 15 years of experience to Aspen Dental teams

Maureen’s charge as Aspen Dental Management’s Vice President of Hygiene Support is to support the hygienists of Aspen Nation who make a difference in patient lives every day. Earlier this year she told Dentistry Today, “There are real benefits to practicing hygiene in a DSO-supported environment like Aspen Dental. For one, you are part of a network of more than a thousand hygienists that you can turn to for advice, support, and expertise. We also offer a career path beyond the traditional chairside clinical role, like becoming a territory manager or division director of hygiene.” The professional development programs offered to Aspen Dental employees provide added support to help hygienists navigate the challenges of the job and advance in their careers. Hygienists face physical demands and day-to-day challenges, but by providing support and helping them to feel empowered to grow and thrive in their career, Maureen’s efforts make a difference for many.  

Why dental hygiene is a good career

Maureen knows the future job outlook for dental hygienists is bright. Earlier this year, US News and World Report named dental hygiene jobs the number one healthcare support profession in the nation and the 24th best profession overall, citing its salary, job market, and work-life balance among its benefits.“The profession continues to evolve with the adoption of expanded duties, midlevel providers, teledentistry, and collaborative practice models. This allows hygienists to practice more autonomously to provide access to care to a larger percentage of the population. It is an exciting time to be in the dental hygiene profession.”

With the challenges of 2020, the importance of good dental hygiene has become even more apparent as links to overall health and oral health have emerged. “As research continues to emerge on the links between oral and systemic diseases, the role of the hygienist as a prevention specialist becomes even more critical. If we prevent or treat periodontal disease at its earliest stage, the patient will not only enjoy a healthier mouth, but also overall better health outcomes,” says Maureen.

Join Aspen Nation

Aspen Dental supports each of our dental hygienists on their personal career path, providing options for growth on the corporate and clinical side of hygiene, depending on your preference. When you’re ready to learn more about why dental hygiene is a good career, or are ready to take the next step, you’ll appreciate learning about our hygiene mentor and growth path program

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