Speaking Words of Wisdom

4 keys to success for new doctors, from some of Aspen Dental’s most successful doctors

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What’s one piece of advice you give new doctors?

“Remember: Your attitude sets the tone for the whole day.”

It’s 100% about your team. If you're good to your team, they have your back on everything. And one of the secrets with running a good practice is not only staff appreciation but getting a new doctor to understand that their attitude will set the tone for the team for the whole day. You have to remind your staff that you’re happy to be here doing this every day and that you appreciate them. If you can get that communicated to them, it carries over into everything else—for instance, you're getting an appropriate handoff. And if you're getting a good handoff, then you’re smoothing over the entire new patient experience simply by having a team who started out the day in the right spirit—all because the doctor set the tone with their good spirit.  —Dr. Kurt Losier, Indiana

“Don’t sell yourself short—and think big.” 

Your imagination is the limit. At Aspen Dental especially, we’re such a forward-thinking organization where you have the freedom to grow your career beyond your own expectations. I have doctors who come out of dental school having never placed an implant and they’re convinced this is a very large learning curve. But I've had the pleasure of seeing doctors place implants independently within their first three months! And when you really do the dentistry that you love, it shows in every part of your practice. The patients know it and your team knows it. So what I say is, don't sell yourself short. Look to the type of dentistry you want to do, and look to where the future's going with digital dentures, clear aligners, implants and general dentists performing endodontics.
—Dr. Adam Mileski, Washington 

“Put your team first.”

Everyone is so concerned about making the patient happy. I would say though, in addition to that, focus on making your team happy. Put them first, because everything falls into place when you have an amazing team. That’s the key. When you put your team first, they want to grow with you and bring your vision to reality every day. I often don't even have to ask, they will come up with suggestions on their own, and I think, “Yes, wow, brilliant.” Like anything you really want, you need to invest in good team members and you have to show them that you appreciate and value them daily.
—Dr. Jasmine Henville, Massachusetts 

“Do your due diligence—and look ahead.”

You have to join your practice with the right mindset. At Aspen Dental specifically, it’s a great environment to grow in and succeed, but it’s dynamic and requires you to do your due diligence. Make sure you have both short-term and long-term goals to tackle. What do you want to be doing by year two or three? I always say, if you stop talking about what’s ahead, you’re not going to do as well. Be true to yourself, do your research, be active, find the right mentorship and be open to new ways of doing business. You have to put the time and work in—it's like anything else, you know? 
—Dr. Jean Marius, Florida