Patient Care Made Personal

The value of a long-lasting relationship with your dentist and care team.


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A long-lasting relationship between a dental patient and their care team goes beyond the examination chair – it’s a partnership that provides years of healthy teeth and bright smiles. 

Whether you’re stopping in every three to six months for a check-up and cleaning, or completing a treatment plan, your Aspen Dental dentist and care team will be there every step of the way. Building a personalized care program that’s just right for you is important because your smile is unique to you! 

At Aspen Dental, you can smile with confidence knowing that your treatment plan is meeting your unique needs.

Build trust with your local care team

Aspen Dental team members across the country know that no two patients are alike, and are dedicated to creating a personal plan to help each one smile just a little wider. 

When you meet your dental care team, you’ll embark on a journey to achieve your dental goals, together. Teams establish a care plan to address areas of concern and help improve overall oral health and hygiene. 

As a patient, the best thing you can do is be open and honest about your thoughts, feelings and fears. Establishing an open line of communication is an important step to achieving oral wellness, and your care team will work hard to address every issue that comes up with kindness and respect.

Why does Aspen Dental work to go the extra mile with patients? Because we know the benefits of a long-term, lasting patient care relationship:

  • Deeper understanding of patient history: a long-term relationship means that providers have more context to build a treatment plan that works.
  • More fulfilling visits: when you visit the same dentist year after year, less time is spent on patient background and more time is dedicated to care that matters.
  • Increased honesty and trust: patients find that discussing health issues with a long-term provider is easier than a new doctor, leading to more personal, open conversations. It’s common for patients to feel embarrassed by care needs, and Aspen Dental care teams work hard to put every patient at ease so they can continue to build towards total trust.
  • A true partner in health: when you establish a long-term relationship with your dental provider, you’re committing to working towards a healthier future - together.

How the Aspen Dental team in Dothan, AL has made a difference:

The Dothan, AL care team is a great example of how we build trust with patients. This team consistently goes above and beyond to keep patient care at the forefront of their efforts, and firsthand accounts from patients themselves prove it. We’ll let the reviews speak for themselves:
  • “First time patient and the experience went very smoothly. Khrystyna made me feel comfortable and explained everything thoroughly. I felt that they took their time and I wasn’t ‘just another patient.’ Would definitely recommend Aspen Dental!” - Facebook recommendation
  • “It was very nice I didn't think I would get in without an appointment but they took me  right in.” - 5-star review on Google
  • “The whole staff were completely professional in every way. I couldn’t have asked for better service. Everybody was super nice and helped me in such a professional manner.” - 5-star review on Google
  • “The whole staff from the front into the back is amazing!!! They go out of their way to make sure you understand and are comfortable and give you plenty of options to choose from for your dental care!! Wanna give a big shout out to Miss Leeanne. [She goes] beyond what is expected [and] I can’t say enough about her. Thank you for all that you do Aspen Dental.” - Facebook recommendation

Thank you to the Dothan team for making a difference in the lives of your patients every day. From creating real connections with first time patients to providing flexible appointment times to taking the time to sit down and explain complicated treatment plans, you do it all! 


Young Aspen dental employee in PPE examining the mouth of an elderly male patient

Get to know the Dothan team!

The Dothan care team is led by Alabama native Dr. Drew Patchett. He joined the Aspen Dental family in 2019 after graduating from the University of Alabama School of Dentistry. For specialized dental needs, Dr. Patchett is joined by endodontist Dr. Darrell Curtis and oral surgeon Dr. Benjamin Rotwein. As a team, they provide personal, customized treatment plans that address a wide range of patient needs in a comfortable, welcoming environment.

Has your local Aspen Dental care team made you smile? Please share your feedback with us so we can pass along the message!

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