Owning It: Meet Dr. Adam Marina

Get to know the new Aspen Dental practice owner in Lawrence, Kansas


Dr. Adam Marina opened his first Aspen Dental practice to serve the area of Lawrence, Kansas in December 2019. With a full year under his belt, we reached out to learn more about his experience thus far. Get to know him in the below interview. We think you’ll see why the patients in Douglas County are so lucky to have him in their community.


Dr. Adam Marina

Why Aspen Dental?

“Ever since dental school, I knew I wanted to own multiple offices. And I knew this was possible with private practice, but much more difficult because you had to learn every aspect of every single department of the office and then find a partner you can trust to do the exact same thing. 

At Aspen Dental, I have the best partner in the business who not only knows everything about insurance and advertising, but also helps me with staffing and making sure I am staying on top of the newest technologies!”

Why Kansas?

“My best friend went to medical school in Kansas City, and when I was interviewing for dental schools, I visited him. I enjoyed it so much out here that I came back four more times that year to experience all the amazing museums, breweries and dog parks that I could handle. During my last year of dental school, I knew I wanted to work for Aspen Dental, and they said they had an opportunity in a small town just outside of Kansas City. I immediately jumped at the offer and here I am!”

Making an impact as a new practice owner

“When I was a kid, I had terrible experiences at the dentist. It made me want to ensure my patients never have to go through that. Since Aspen Dental has such a large surgical component, I know this is a place where a positive experience can really change a person’s attitude towards dentistry. I also want to embody a work culture where my employees enjoy coming to work as much as I do.”

The most rewarding part of work

“Being able to give people back their smiles. So many times I have patients who come in and tell me they haven’t been able to show their teeth in pictures in 10-20 years because they’re embarrassed. Most of these patients need full upper and lower dentures, and they are ecstaticwhen they see they have a brand-new set of pearly whites to smile in their holiday pictures with!”

A memorable patient experience

“I had a patient who attempted suicide and had a hole in the roof of her mouth. She could not eat or swallow properly because the liquids and foods would get into her sinuses—and even post-surgery, the hole would not close completely. She was getting ready for the holidays, it was the first time she was having her mother and daughter together at her home since she was in recovery, and she wanted to be able to eat a meal with them. I explained to her that she would be better assisted by going to see a prosthodontist, but she refused, stating she did not have enough money to do so. I set expectations that it would not be the best solution, but that we could attempt it. We ended up making a palatal obturator denture that fit into the hole in her palate so that, not only could she smile, but she could enjoy a glass of eggnog with her family at Thanksgiving.”

Fun fact

“I am an adrenaline junkie. I have wing-walked on the outside of an airplane, skydived in Hawaii, repelled down the face of a 400-foot hotel, jumped off a 150-foot rope swing at the Corona Arch and traveled to over 60 countries.”

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