Making it Work in Savannah, Georgia: Dr. Roma Patel and Lindsay Stewart, RDH
Aspen Dental practice owner Dr. Roma Patel and lead hygienist Lindsay Stewart, RDH have been longtime partners and collaborators who recently founded a local non-profit called Secret Saints.

On top of making an impact with their patients and raising young sons, longtime partners and collaborators, Dr. Roma Patel and lead hygienist Lindsay Stewart, RDH recently founded a non-profit organization in Savannah called Secret Saints. 

Dr. Patel has been with Aspen Dental for eight years, and Lindsay is coming up on nine years in May. They've worked side by side for quite a few years and quickly became friends — connecting on their shared passion for their profession in dentistry and being able to help their patients get the care they need every day.

That shared passion for helping people did not stop in the dental practice, however. They realized there was a great need for support within their community in Savannah, so last year they teamed up and co-founded Secret Saints Corporation. As a non-profit organization, they partner with local police, fire departments, hospitals, and schools to provide emergency assistance during unexpected times of need.

Finding Work-Life Balance

Both women agreed that when your team becomes your family and work becomes your home, it’s a seamless transition between personal and professional life. Being able to prioritize your personal well-being and mental health also allows them to balance the two.

"Aspen has provided us with support and flexibility throughout our careers and phases of motherhood, which enabled us to have a better work/life balance," they said. "There is always a way to make something happen. With passion, persistence, and perseverance, we’re capable of anything!"