The Perfect Time to Improve Your Smile

Aspen Dental Practices Offer Many Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Ready for a change in the New Year? Improving the appearance of your teeth will give you more to smile about. It might be daunting to think about wearing a mask for much longer, but we know it’s likely that COVID-19 precautions will carry on for some time. Consider your remote work and social distancing routine the perfect time to discreetly take steps to improve your smile, and make cosmetic care a priority. Who’s going to know? Probably only you and your Aspen Dental care team.

If learning how to improve your smile is one of your resolutions this year, Aspen Dental has specialists that are ready to help. Every patient’s first visit includes a consultation with the doctor, so the team can make recommendations that work for individual needs–and your budget. At the visit, they’ll offer you a clear, detailed estimate on the cost of your treatment plan in writing so you know what to expect, and answer your questions so that it’s easier to plan future care, and keep your promise to yourself.

The team will help you learn more about cosmetic dentistry procedures including:

  • Braces and clear aligners
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers
  • Enamel shaping
  • Crowns

Braces & Clear Aligners

Braces can help correct crowded or crooked teeth – or an uneven bite. Braces have become much smaller and less noticeable over the years. Brackets, the part of the braces that attach to each tooth, can sometimes be attached to the back of the teeth to make them less noticeable. Some brackets are clear, or tooth-colored—which help braces blend in.

In some cases, treatment may be done without using braces at all. Aspen Dental practices offer clear aligner products, such as Invisalign. Using clear aligners, a patient can effectively make corrections with their alignment by using a series of clear, removable trays. These aligners are more discreet than traditional braces, and often more affordable, too.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tired of having metal fillings that show when you smile? Your dentist can use natural-colored materials to replace older metal fillings and restore the integrity of your smile. Options include composite materials, such as resin, as well as lab-made porcelain inlays, onlays and crowns.

Teeth Whitening

If you want to create a brighter, whiter smile, an Aspen Dental dentist can recommend the whitening treatment that is right for you. Most Aspen Dental practices offer two teeth whitening services: 

  • In office: Using state-of-the-art LED light technology, your dentist or dental hygienist may lighten your teeth 5-7 shades in just one hour.
  • At home: In just two weeks, you may lighten your teeth 5-7 shades just by wearing a whitening tray several hours a day. These are stronger and provide better results at over-the-counter whitening kits.


If you would like to fill spaces between teeth, cover teeth that are stained, or fix teeth that are poorly shaped or crooked, veneers may be a solution. Veneers are thin, tooth-colored shells that are bonded, or cemented, to the front of your teeth. They are custom-made of ceramic or composite resin and look like natural teeth.

Enamel Shaping

Your dentist can “reshape” your teeth by contouring tooth enamel, the outer layer of the tooth. When teeth are a little crowded or uneven, or when teeth appear too long, your dentist can use enamel shaping to improve how the teeth look.


If a tooth needs more a dramatic change than veneers or enamel shaping your Aspen Dental dentist can provide crowns. The outer part of the tooth is removed, and a crown is placed over it. The crown can be made to fit in with your other teeth. It’s like a fresh start for your tooth.

Take the next step

When you’re ready to commit to your resolution, the best thing to do is schedule an appointment with the team at your local practice. They’ll be happy to help you learn how to get a perfect smile. New patients can schedule the first visit online at, or by calling 1-800-AspenDental.

If you have any reservations about visiting a dental practice during COVID-19, we can assure you that the wellbeing of our patients, care teams, and community is our top priority. We’ve always been committed to the highest safety standards, but we invite you to learn more about the Smile Wide, Smile Safe Promise to better understand what precautions our care teams have implemented to help your experience safe and enjoyable.